How to extend Nuke functionality with plugins

The image pipeline is easy to customize and extend. Check out the following first-class extensions and packages built by the community.

NukeUI #

A comprehensive solution for displaying lazily loaded images on Apple platforms.

Nuke Builder #

A set of convenience APIs inspired by SwiftUI to create image requests.

Alamofire Plugin #

Replace networking layer with Alamofire and combine the power of both frameworks.

RxNuke #

RxSwift extensions for Nuke with many examples.

WebP Plugin #

WebP support, built by Ryo Kosuge.

NukeWebP #

New plugin with WebP support, built by Maxim Kolesnik.

Gifu Plugin #

Use Gifu to load and display animated GIFs.

FLAnimatedImage Plugin #

Use FLAnimatedImage to load and display animated GIFs.

Xamarin NuGet #

Makes it possible to use Nuke from Xamarin.