Installation Guide

How to install Pulse in your project

Frameworks (SPM) #

Pulse frameworks are distributed using Swift Package Manager. It is built using SwiftUI and includes no resources to ensure its small size. The thinned app .ipa with Pulse included takes less than <640 KB.

To install it, go to File / Swift Packages / Add Package Dependency… and enter package repository URL, then follow the instructions.

To remove the dependency, select the project and open Swift Packages (which is next to Build Settings). You can add and remove packages from this tab.

Swift Package Manager can also be used from the command line.

After adding a package, make sure to add all suggested products to your project.

Pulse library has a swift-log dependency. It contains a PersistentLogHandler class, which is a logging backend for SwiftLog.

Frameworks (XCFrameworks) #

Create XCFrameworks (using swift-create-xcframework)

swift create-xcframework --zip --zip-version 0.16.0 --platform ios --platform macos --platform maccatalyst --platform watchos --platform tvos --no-debug-symbols --xcconfig ./Pulse.xcconfig

All of the latest releases have precompiled XCFrameworks attached to them.

Apps #

Pulse also has two document-based apps for viewing the logs shared from other devices.

A macOS app can be either downloaded from the latest releases on GitHub or compiled from source.

An iOS app can currently only be compiled from source.