Pulse macOS App

How to use Pulse macOS app

Pulse for macOS allows you to view logs shared from other devices comfortably on a big screen. You can find the latest build in the GitHub release.

Pulse for macOS is an “entry-level” app. Make sure to check out Pulse Pro which is a professional macOS app that allows you to view logs in real-time and has a ton of other powerful features.

Screenshots #

Console #

View all your logs and messages at the same time.


Welcome Screen #

Shows recently open documents.

Welcome Screen

Message Details #

View message details. Search text and jump between matches (supports regex). Double-tap to open the details in a separate window.

Message Details

Network Request Summary #

View the request summary, including tranfer size, timing, and more.

Network Request Summary

Network Request Headers #

View all request and response headers.

Network Request Headers

Network Request Metrics #

View metrics collected using URLSession delegate.

Network Request Metrics

Network Response Image #

Response details view supports multiple data types, including images.

Network Response Image

Network Response JSON #

The response viewer displays pretty-printed and highlighted JSON.

Network Response JSON

Pin Messages #

When you find an important message, pin it and access it later on the “Pins” tab.

Pin Messages

Show in Console #

When you open a messages on the “Pins” tab, you can right-click to show it in the “Console” tab.

Show in Console

Network Tab #

Use “Network” tab to filter network requests.

Network Tab

Pulse supports both text search and filtering. Press “Enter” to jump between matches.


Quick Filters #

Use “Errors” to only show errors. “Recent” only shows the messages from the last 20 minutes of messages.

Quick Filters

All Filters #

Filter by “log type”, “label”, or select a time period.

All Filters